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Linsad is a renowned advertising agency, web development as well as an event planning company based in Kuala Lampur.The company
offers services all over the country.The key services of the company includes social medis marketing, mobile application,SEO/SEM,mobile markeitng, ecommerce website to name a few.The company aims at building a long-term relationship with the Customer with the quality services.”

Significance Of XML Sitemap In SEO

At some point, we all must imagine how Google or other search engines would discover the required website? Well, there is something called search engine bots that helps the website appear on the search engine. In the case of Google, these bots are termed as “Google Spiders,” “Google Bots,” or “Google Crawlers”. Google spiders are […]

5 Facts About Online Marketing Malaysia That Will Blow Your Mind

People think to excite between online marketing and digital marketing. Many people say that online marketing and digital marketing are similar. In some respects, online marketing can be perceived as digital marketing, as both of them use the Internet platform to accomplish their marketing activities. Online marketing is classified as a substitute for digital marketing. […]

E-Commerce Website in Malaysia Opens Possibility of Making Money

The digital landscape is flourishing with business objectives and best practices of digital marketing are cultivated. The online business partners those who want to make business growth and drive internet business, need to expand business channels by diving into E-commerce business. The Southeast region is the leading domain of E-commerce marketing. Scope of e-commerce business […]

Know How of Hiring Smart Mobile Apps Developer

The technological advancement is progressing in such a manner that a single person cannot leave the option of accepting it as a major option. Better sustainability depends on flowing with the market trends. The portable mobile services are in many trends and it facilitates the openings of accessing multiple options. Skill developers are bringing mobile […]

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2018

Social Media is one of the most important and powerful online marketing tool. It has become a big influencer in terms of online strategies. SMM services in Malaysia are part of every Online Marketing agency in Malaysia. So, it is only sensible to optimize your social media marketing strategies to benefit the most out of […]

5 Key Ways Online Advertising has Changed Traditional Marketing Forever

81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a final purchase. Online advertisement in Malaysia has changed the face of marketing. Traditional marketing techniques have become outdated as the world is moving towards digital. Advertising company in Malaysia has started adopting digital techniques to advertise about the companies online. Here are key ways in which […]

Important Mobile App Development Trends That Matter in 2018

Our smart phones have become one of the most important aspects of our life. Can you imagine spending a day without glancing through your phone? Even if it’s just going through the app windows or just checking the messages. You cannot! One thing that makes our mobile phones, an important part of our lives are […]